TourneyTime Basketball Pools

NCAA 64 Team Tournament Pool

This is our most popular March Madness pool format. Participants fill out a bracket for the entire field of 64 teams, selecting the winner of each matchup. Points are awarded for every game picked correctly, with the winner having the most total points based on scoring for each round that you can configure.
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Sweet 16 Team Tournament Pool

This format is often used as an add-on to our 64 team format. After the first two rounds are complete, the tournament is whittled down to 16 teams and participants can select winners based on this smaller bracket. It is a good chance to pick a new bracket after upsets may have busted your pick sheet. We encourage robust tie-breakers for this format to avoid multiple winners.
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NCAA Squares Pool - Free* with 64 Team Tournament Pool!

Similar to our Super Bowl Squares format, but all 63 games in the tournament count. Participants start by picking "squares" on a 10x10 grid (100 squares). Points are tallied based on how many final scores landed on your square. Winning squares (X,Y position) are determined as follows:

1) Last digit of the winning team's score determines the first/top (X axis) number
2) Last digit of the losing team's score determines the second/left (Y axis) number
Example: Kentucky [final: 101] beats Duke [final: 96] || Winning Square is: 1,6
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