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How much does it cost to run a pool on 

TourneyTime charges a NCAA Administration Fee or NFL Administration Fee for a pool manager. The fee is based on the number of members of the pool, and it is a one-time charge. 
When I log in or try to go to another page, why do I always get an error message? 

In order to use TourneyTime, your browser MUST accept "cookies". Please refer to this article about session cookies to learn about cookies and how to accept them. 
What do I do if I think there is a scoring error? 

If you think there may have been a scoring error, send an e-mail to TourneyTime Support. Include the name of your Pool, your username, and a description of the scoring error. We will quickly help you resolve the scoring issue. 
Do you offer Sweet 16 or second chance pools? 

Yes, TourneyTime offers a Sweet 16 pool. Check Sweet 16 Information/Fees or login to your TourneyTime account and select the "Create A New Sweet 16 Pool" menu option to get started. As a bonus, you can add-on a sweet 16 pool for $5 with any size NCAA 64 pool purchase. This add-on must be selected at the time you create and pay for your NCAA 64 pool. 
What is included in a sponsored pool? 

TourneyTime offers sponsored pools with 3 banner options: Generic, Original Upload, and TourneyTime Custom.

A "Generic" sponsored pool allows you to choose a pre-made banner that will display your pool's name and slogan. A "Original Upload" sponsored pool allows you to upload your own banner (780 x 164) that will be displayed with your pool, and a "TourneyTime Custom" sponsored pool hires TourneyTime to create a banner for you.

All sponsored pools include a custom link to direct participants from your web site directly to your TourneyTime pool. The banner is linked to a URL of your choice when clicked.

NCAA Sponsored Pool Information
NFL Sponsored Pool Information 
How do I enable Javascript on my browser? 

View the following help page on how to enable javascript
Why aren't my players receiving my automated invites? 

TourneyTime has taken significant steps in improve the odds that your emails will reach the intended destination. We have deployed the latest technologies and provided feedback to pool manager's who send emails using our service. The feedback will inform you of emails that bounced or are invalid. While we can not guarantee emails will be delivered, we can guarantee we sent them and informed you of those that were rejected.

We strongly recommend adding, and to your email account's accepted senders list and also request your email providers add into a trusted senders white-list.

Additionally, you can forward (or copy) the invite to your own email and send using your own email list. TourneyTime is looking for other solutions to help alleviate the dependence on emails sent from our domain. 
How do I join a NFL pool? 

It's easy! Login to your TourneyTime account, select the "Join NFL Pool" link found on the left side of your screen, search for your pool's name, enter the pool password and you are set. Please watch the following demo to a video walk through of joining a TourneyTime NFL pool:

Click to View: Join NFL Pool Demo 
As a pool manager, can I make picks for players after the picks deadline? 

Yes, pool managers can make and edit picks for players who have joined their pool at anytime. View the pool and drop down the Manager Actions menu and select the "Administer Picks" option. For players who will not be online or login, pool managers can add a player to the pool and manage the picks using the Offline Manager feature. 
How do I play NFL Super Squares (aka Super Bowl Squares, Squares pool)? 

View the following link for Super Squares Overview & Features
Does my Super Squares pool last longer than one week? 

Yes! If you are running a season long Super Squares pool, you will be able to run one squares game each week and includes the Super Bowl game! You can also setup a Squares Pool for just the Super Bowl for a pool fee
Can I run a Squares Pool for JUST the Super Bowl game? 

Yes! When you setup your Squares pool, select "Super Bowl Only" from the "Games" drop down box. The pool fee is significantly reduced from the price of running a weekly Super Squares pool. 
What does it cost to run my NCAA pool? 

Please refer to the following link for latest NCAA pool prices
What does it cost to run my NFL pool? 

Please refer to the following link for latest NFL pool prices
Are late pools and late brackets supported by TourneyTime? 

TourneyTime supports both late pools and late brackets with tools for pool managers. There are two primary ways to add late brackets/picks:

Active Player accounts (players who will login later): Make sure the player has joined your pool. Then go to your pool page and drop down the "Manager Actions" menu and select the "Administer Picks" option. From here you can enter picks on behalf of that player.

Inactive Players (offline accounts): Pool managers can add players (who do not intend to login) and manage picks for them using the Offline Manager feature. This feature is also popular for pool manager's who want to enter those paper brackets and let our service do all the number crunching while they can enjoy more games.