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When can I start making my picks for the NCAA Tournament? 

The picks pages will be available shortly after the teams are officially announced on selection Sunday. This is usually around 8 PM EST. 
Why are my Final Four picks not showing? 

If you make any changes to your picks that impact your original Final Four teams, the Final Four teams will clear out and you'll need to choose the winners to make sure your bracket is complete. 
If I forget to make picks, do you have an auto picks option? 

Yes. Login to your TourneyTime account and view your NFL pool. Select the "Autopicks" link found at the top of your pool results table. From here you will be able to set your auto-picks to one of the following:
  • Home teams
  • Visitor teams
  • Favorites*
  • Underdogs*
(*Note: Favorite and Underdog options apply to pools using "Play the Spread" option).

Auto-picks will process within 5-30 minutes after the start of the first game of the week.

Confidence Pools: Based on your pool's rules/setting, auto picks will either assign 1 confidence point to the first game and count up to the max number of games, or assign 16 points to the first game of the week and count down till the max number of games is reached for the week.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make ANY picks before auto-picks runs in a given week, that pick sheet will be IGNORED for that week (e.g. no picks will be automatically applied). 
How does the post season affect my Elimination Pool? 

Elimination pools that allow players to only choose a team x number of times will NOT enforce that rule during the playoffs. This allows any player still alive at the end of the season to not be automatically out of the pool if he/she already used all the chances for the playoff teams during the season. 
How does TourneyTime handle the NFL flexible / flex schedule ? 

The NFL flexible schedule system can change game time no less than twelve days prior to the matchup. This allows for teams to play themselves into prime time TV spots. TourneyTime handles this by updating game schedules each week. This means, the flex schedule changes will be loaded on or before the active week picks are open (typically Tuesdays at 2:00 AM). For more detail, please visit: 
How will the stand-by teams affect the brackets? How is the NCAA handling COVID-related withdrawals after the deadline? 

Once the bracket is finalized and released, teams will not be reseeded, nor will the bracket change. There are separate policies for when a team is forced to withdraw: one for before the announcement of the championship field and one for after the release of the bracket. Replacement teams will only be introduced into the championship within 48 hours after the announcement of the field, and at no time thereafter. Any withdrawals after the deadline will result in a forfeit and the opposing team will move forward in the bracket.