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Q. What is a Sweet 16 Pool?

A. Also known as a 2nd chance pool. This pool is similar to the 64 tournament pool where participants will pick the winners for the final games for the 16 teams remaining in the tournament. Sweet 16 picks open at the completion of round 2 and must be complete before the start of round 3. There is at least 3 full days between rounds 2 and 3 during which sweet 16 pool picks can be made.
Sweet 16 Tournament Pool
Pool Player RangeAdmin Fee
1 - 25$5.00
26 - 50$10.00
51 - 100$15.00
101 - 300$20.00
301 - 500$30.00
Need More?$6 per 100 addt'l
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Please Note: Administration fee is per pool, NOT per person. All pools can be upgraded at any time.

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