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How do I change the name of my pool? 

If you are the pool manager, login to your account and click the settings icon to the right of the Pool name in the "Pools I Manage" section. Pool names must be unique in our system, so if that pool name is not in use, you will be able to update it. 
How do I delete an unwanted pool? 

If you have created a pool and you no longer want it, you may delete it yourself. Simply click on the trash can to the right of the pool name under the "Pools I Manage" section. 
How does the NCAA tie break work? 

For NCAA 64 pools, there is 1 tie breaker: The final score of the Championship game. If there is an additional tie breaker needed, the pool manager will determine what that will be (flip a coin, etc.), however, the need for this is a statistical rarity.

For NCAA Sweet 16 pool, there are 3 levels of tie breakers:
1. Total score of the championship game.
2. Final score of the winner of the Championship game.
3. Final score of the loser of the Championship game. 
How do I change my email address? 

Login to your TourneyTime account and select your username in the top right corner. This will open your profile page where you can make an update to your email address. 
After I have paid my pool fee can I upgrade my pool? How? 

Yes! Upgrade your pool at anytime by logging into your TourneyTime account and selecting the settings icon next to the pool you want to upgrade. Select the new size and click the "Update Settings" button. Finish by paying for your new upgrade. You only owe the difference in fees between the pool sizes. Note that your pool will only be active after the upgrade is paid. TourneyTime does not allow downgrades to pools after they are already purchased. 
How do I change my pool entry password? 

Login to your TourneyTime account and select the settings icon next to your pool name. This will allow you to make changes to your pool including your pool’s entry password. 
Are game results and scoring done in real time? 

Yes. All game results are posted shortly after the game completes during each round and scoring is done automatically. 
How do I delete a thread from the message board? 

Pool managers have access to delete pool message board threads as follows: Select "Manage My NCAA Pool" from the menu after you login to your TourneyTime account. From your pool managers page, select "Message Board" button and then select the thread you wish to delete. Finally, click the "Delete Thread" link to remove the thread. This will delete all message from that thread and is not reversible. 
As the manager, how do I record if a player has paid? 

Log into your TourneyTime account and select your pool. On the pool page, select the "Reports" and then choose the "Fee Paid Report". This will allow the manager to track who has paid and who hasn't but does not prevent a participant from entering the pool or making picks. 
What is the NCAA Sweet 16 picks deadline? 

Sweet 16 picks may be edited or changed up until the tip-off of the first game in the round (approx 7:00 PM EST). Please note: Pool managers have authority to make and update picks after this deadline. 
Can I send new invitations to past players of my TourneyTime pools? 

Yes! TourneyTime's "Invite Manager" will allow you to send automated emails to past and future players.

There are two ways to access the "Invite Manager":
  1. Login to your TourneyTime account, find your pool in the "Pools I Manage" section and click the letter icon next to the pool name.
  2. When viewing your pool, click the "Manager Actions" dropdown menu select the "Contact My Players" option, then select the "Create an Invite" option.
Your "Contact List" will appear and previous managers will see past players pre-populated. All managers can add or remove contacts at any time.

To send the invite:
  1. Select (or add) at least one contact on the list and advance to "Step 2"
  2. Add a "manager note" (optional)
  3. Click "Send Invite"
The invite has instructions on how to join the pool including the pool's password, manager's note and a custom web link (URL) directing players to your pool upon login.

To make managing current and future Invites easier, TourneyTime will:
  • Update your contact list as players join your pool
  • Update previous player's contact email if they update their TourneyTime account
  • Flag a contact when TourneyTime is notified that a email bounced or was flagged as spam
Can I use TourneyTime to invite players to join my pool? 

Yes. TourneyTime's "Invitation Manager" will allow you to send automated emails to past and future players. To access this feature, go to your pool and select the "Contact My Players" from the "Manager Actions" list then select "Create an Invite" button. You will be able to select past players and add any new email addresses to your contact list and send an invitation to those players with a link to making joining your pool easy. As a bonus, TourneyTime will update your contact list with emails that bounced or are invalid so you can follow up with those contacts for max participation in your pool. 
Does TourneyTime offer point spreads? 

Yes. You may add-on the "Play the Spread" option during the setup of your NFL pool. Point spreads will then appear on pick sheets and be used when calculating correct picks and scoring. 
Who provides the point spreads for pools using them? 

TourneyTime will provide the base point spreads using reputable agencies. However, manager's can adjust or enter in his/her own spread for any week of the season. All TourneyTime spreads will be locked in and not changed as of 11 PM EST on Wednesday during the season, however, manager's entering custom spreads will be able to make updates up to 2 hours before the first game of the week at the manager's discretion. 
Will point spreads be adjusted during the week? 

TourneyTime spreads may be loaded before the deadline for reference, but will be locked in and not change as of 11 PM EST on each Wednesday during the season. If desired, Managers can adjust the spread until 2 hours before the first game of the week at the manager's discretion. 
If I adjust my spread, will it remain? Can I get the default spread back? 

If a manager adjusts the spread for a week, that spread will remain regardless of changes TourneyTime make make to that weeks spread. However, clicking the "Reset to Default Spread" link on the spread management page will restore the TourneyTime default spread. 
Can I adjust my point spread for a week? How? 

Yes. Login to your TourneyTime account and select "Manage NFL Pool". Select the pool you wish to manage and find the "Manager Tools & Extras" section. Click on the link called "Update spreads for Week #xx" (where xx is the current week being viewed) to customize your point spread for that week. 
How do I change my username or other account information? 

Login to your TourneyTime account and select your username in the top right corner. Enter a new username in the "Username" box and click the "Update My Profile" button. If the username is not already taken, your username will be changed. Please remember to use the new username the next time your login to your TourneyTime account. 
If I forget to make picks, do you have an auto picks option? 

Yes. Login to your TourneyTime account and view your NFL pool. Select the "Autopicks" link found at the top of your pool results table. From here you will be able to set your auto-picks to one of the following:
  • Home teams
  • Visitor teams
  • Favorites*
  • Underdogs*
(*Note: Favorite and Underdog options apply to pools using "Play the Spread" option).

Auto-picks will process within 5-30 minutes after the start of the first game of the week.

Confidence Pools: Based on your pool's rules/setting, auto picks will either assign 1 confidence point to the first game and count up to the max number of games, or assign 16 points to the first game of the week and count down till the max number of games is reached for the week.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make ANY picks before auto-picks runs in a given week, that pick sheet will be IGNORED for that week (e.g. no picks will be automatically applied). 
How do I enable Javascript on my browser? 

View the following help page on how to enable javascript
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