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 Sponsored Tournament Pool Fees
Q. What is a Sponsored NFL Pool?

A. Promotional pool that allows a generic (pre-made), unique (you provide), or custom (created by TourneyTime) banner to display at the top of your pool. Also included is a custom URL link to direct pool participants from your web site directly to the sponsored pool hosted on TourneyTime. This is a great promotional tool for your company or business.
Sponsored NFL Tournament Pool
Pool Sizes (pick one)
ItemAdmin FeeDescription
100 Member Pool $50 What's This? 
300 Member Pool $100 What's This? 
500 Member Pool $150 What's This? 
Pool Banner Types (pick one)
Generic - Pre-made Banner w/ pool name and slogan $25 Sample 
Unique Uploaded - Upload your Banner $50 What's This? 
TourneyTime Custom - Banner Created by TourneyTime $150 Sample 
Pool Add-Ons (optional)
100 Addt'l Members $25 What's This? 
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Please Note: Administration fee is per pool, NOT per person. Pools can be upgraded at any time.

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