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Does TourneyTime have iPhone or Android Apps? 

TourneyTime supported an iPhone app for a few years, but we discontinued it in 2015. The cost of mobile app development and support played a large factor in this decision. We want to continue to provide a low cost and ad-free service to our members and still be a mobile friendly site. We aren't alone, several other major web sites, such as Wal-Mart are also ending support of their mobile apps. The mission-statement of TourneyTime is to provide a low-cost, reliable, ad-free family-friendly and full featured pool management service to our users. It is important that our customers understand that TourneyTime's mobile strategy was made to support this mission and is in the best interest of them. In 2017, TourneyTime is transitioning to an even more flexible experience which will allow the site to expand or contract based on this method used to view the site...whether using a phone, tablet or pc, the site will adjust to the size parameters and make viewing/using our site more efficient. 
Can I reinstate a player that was eliminated by accident in my elimination pool? 

Yes. The pool manager can reinstate a player that was eliminated using the pool manager's page. Find the player in the pool and then click the "Fix & Reinstate" link found in the "Manager Action" column. The manager must make changes to the player's picks to a week either before or equal to the week where that player was eliminated. This is not intended to be used as a re-buy in, only to fix players that should not have been eliminated. Once the change's to the player's picks are saved, the manage should click the "Re-Score All Weeks" so the pool reflects the current elimination status and strikes. 
As a manager, I only want to lock players picks when a game starts and not all at once. This will provide more time for my players to make picks, especially on early game weeks. How do I do this? 

During the setup of your pool (or you can edit your pools setup from the pool manager's page), select "Lock each game when it starts" (aka no deadline) as the "Weekly Deadline" setting. This will cause picks to lock as games start and not all at once. This is a popular option to address the head-ache of those Thursday early game weeks. 
How does the "Lock each game when it starts"(aka no deadline) option work? 

Most weeks of the NFL season now have an game early in the week. The "Lock each game when it starts" deadline pool setting allows the most flexibility for players and managers. If a player forgets to make picks for an early game, he/she will still be allowed to make picks for any games that have not yet started. Managers don't have to worry about unlocking and re-locking the pool to allow picks to continue for the early game weeks. It's a win-win for everyone and a popular option. 
How does the "Lock each game when it starts" picks deadline option affect Elimination format pools? 

A player who has not made any picks will still be able to pick a team from any game that has not yet started when the "Lock each game when it starts" option is used. However, if a player has already made a pick and the first game of the week has started, he/she will not be allowed to make any changes. This prevents a players from changing a pick from a game in progress and keeps the pool fair. 
I want to prevent new players from joining the pool. Can I change the pool password without affecting the current players that are in the pool? 

Yes, changing the pool entry password will only affect new people joining the pool. Any new participants would have to know the new pool entry password. This is an effective way to cap your pool and prohibit new entries into your pool without affecting existing pool members. 
How does a NCAA Squares Pool work? 

View information about Squares and other pool formats here: NCAA Pool Format Overview
How do I prevent players from using multiple picks sheets in my pool? 

There is an option to allow multiple picks sheets during setup. Simply uncheck this box if you do not wish to allow players to have more than one pick sheet. Managers can also change this setting by clicking the settings next to the pool name under the "Pools I Manage" header and then unchecking the "Allow Multiple Pick Sheets" checkbox option. 
Do you have a pool flyer that I can print containing information on how to join my pool? 

Yes! Login and view your pool. Select the "Contact My Players" option from the "Manager Actions" menu and then click the "Print Flyer" link. This will open a PDF version that contains all your pool invite information. You can save, email or post this anywhere you wish. 
Can I add pick sheets for picks after the picks are closed (late picks)? 

Managers can add picks for players at anytime. Managers should view their pool and click the "Manager Actions" drop down menu and then select "Administer Picks". 
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